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Employment Contracts

The Law Offices of Andrew Lapat has worked on employment contracts with executives transitioning from one position to another. Particularly important issues in an employment contract are those concerning vesting of stock, options and of course the scope and depth of any non-compete agreement. Clients have been particularly pleased with the results and the cost of the results.

Licensing Agreements

Law Offices of Andrew Lapat has worked with a variety of clients from technology based companies to purveyors of fine jewelry to develop agreements that identify and address the specific issues of the involved parties and to be sure that our client’s interest receive maximum protection.

Bar Admissions

Law Office of Andrew Lapat has assisted clients who have been denied direct bar admission because of concerns with character and fitness issues. We identify the issues creating the impediment to direct admission and find ways to facilitate admission. We have represented numerous clients at character and fitness hearings and have assisted them in gaining bar admission.

Real Estate – Leasing

Law Offices of Andrew Lapat has been involved in representing both tenants and landlords in what has been at times technical negotiation of individual property-specific issues. Leases are specifically tailored to meet client’s needs and it is our goal to negotiate well-written leases to reduce the potential for disagreements. Law Offices of Andrew Lapat actively promotes the interests of the client while always remaining focused on facilitating the overall deal and keeping costs reasonable. We strive to keep lease negotiations, which can often be complex, moving forward so that a lease can be signed as soon as possible.

Real Estate – Purchase and Sale

Law Offices of Andrew Lapat has represented both purchasers and sellers in commercial real estate transactions. We handle complex acquisitions of individual commercial properties. Our experience gives us an awareness of the entire scope of due diligence and contract provisions necessary when acquiring an interest in real estate. We understand the importance of determining your goal first and then the best and most efficient method to reach that goal. The Law Offices of Andrew Lapat brings a creative problem-solving approach to every transaction.

Real Estate Litigation

We have been involved in litigation concerning real property interests, including areas such as: purchase and sale agreements, financing, boundary and property ownership, insurance coverage and property damage. As in all litigation, Law Offices of Andrew Lapat provides highly personalized service, with an emphasis on excellent results delivered in a cost-effective manner.

Contracts and Agreements

A well-structured contract is an important tool in preventing future disputes. It is important to make each parties’ rights and responsibilities as clear as possible. Unfortunately, even well intended parties can have different interpretations of the requirements in a particular contract. Contract formation is an important but sometimes overlooked step in business development. Law Office of Andrew Lapat listens to our clients to identify the issues and that of greatest importance and then drafting a document to protect those same interests.

Commercial Litigation

Over the course of nearly thirty years of practicing, Andrew Lapat has been involved in many different types of litigation, involving disparate areas such as securities and antitrust class actions, fraud, copyright disputes, and breach of contract involving areas such as construction, finance and real estate. Clients are pleased with the combination of results and efficiency. Every client is important, and every case must be handled with the serious, diligent and aggressive attention it deserves. Just as in business, in litigation people invest time and financial resources with the intention of a positive return on that investment, or the limitation of your exposure, is the primary consideration. Whether it is containing the costs or “win at all costs” the Law Offices of Andrew Lapat will always pursue the client’s objective first and foremost. Whether your claim justifies a “bet the company” litigation strategy, finding the quickest and most inexpensive negotiated resolution, or anything in between, we will partner with you to find the cost-effective dispute resolution that best matches your objectives.

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